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Sean, a lost 6th Grader wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is there a time line for the life of the Virgin Mary with dates?


  { Is there a time line for the life of the Virgin Mary with dates? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Sean —

To my knowledge, we know very little about Our Blessed Mother other than what the Scriptures tell us, like:

  • What year she was born and
  • What year she died and was assumed into Heaven.

These are the only sources I could find:

Although it would hold no historical weight we can rely on, or doctrinal weight, this book may be of interest to you.

Catholics are not bound to believe any visions from any saint or supernatural apparitions.
Issues talked about in the above book would fall into the area of theological opinion:

  • The material in the book may be true; but may not be true.
  • You can believe the content in the book; but are not bound to believe it.

Here are some related postings that deal with certain aspects of your question:

Hope this helps,


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