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ConfusedNewMom wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm a Catholic and my husband is a born again Christian. We were married in a civil union. I would like to baptize our two-month old son, which he is OK with. He would also like to have the baby dedicated to his church.

  • Is this a bad idea?
  • What is your advice?


  { After our child is baptized in the Catholic Church, can we dedicate the baby to his church? }

Mike replied:

Dear ConfusedNewMom,

First, Congratulations!! Yippee!! A new soul for the Lord!!

Second, I would encourage both you and your husband to have your "marriage" convalidated in the Church.

As my colleague Mary Ann said in a previous answer:

Convalidation is a simple thing, barring any previous unions, just talk about it with your pastor.

  • Is there any reason you didn't marry in the Church?

As my colleague Eric has said in a previous reply:

In order to be baptized Catholic, there would need to be a well-founded hope that the child would be raised Catholic. You would also need two practicing Catholics to be godparents.

Seeing there would have to be a well-founded hope that your son would be raised Catholic, dedicating him in a Protestant congregation, would go against any well-founded hope that he will be raised Catholic so I would not recommend this dedication.

Being a cradle Catholic myself, the concept of having a baby dedicated in a Catholic Church, is a new one to me, though Eric gave the following reply, which is my understanding of what you mean:

Again, my advice would be for you and your husband to have your marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church.

It's very important for your husband to know that Catholic Christians also are born again in the sense that we are born of water and the Holy Spirit (Baptism) from above. This is what Jesus meant when he was talking to Nicodemus.

For your marriage to be convalidated, he wouldn't have to change faiths but he would have to agree not to interfere with raising your children Catholic.

You may find this posting helpful as well. It deals with your ability to receive the sacraments:

If he is ever interested in going deeper in our faith, encourage him to consider buying a cheap copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to learn everything we believe as Catholics.

I hope this helps,


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