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Joseph wrote:

Hi, guys —

I've prayed the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel and while reading its history, I've found:

"souls would have the escort of one representative of each of the Nine Choirs when approaching the Holy Table."

  • My question is what does the escort really mean?
  • Why are we, or should we, be escorted by angels?
  • What's happening when we approach the Holy Table?

I've found one answer in your data base about the chaplet, but does not explain this.

About me: I'm a 48-year-old married Roman Catholic, Korean, Canadian man who has been enrolled in theological correspondence courses at Catholic Catechetical Institute in Korea for six years.


Joseph <><

  { Can you explain the history I have found on the Chaplet of St. Michael? }

Mike replied:

Dear Joseph,

You are asking questions of a transcendental nature, meaning they are beyond what we can know in this physical world; something we can only speculate about within the realm of Catholic teachings. Based on what I know about Catholic teachings, here are my theological, non-doctrinal, opinions.

You said:

  • My question is what does the escort really mean?

An escort, defined in the secular sense, is: a person, vehicle, ship, or aircraft, or a group of these, accompanying another for protection, security, or as a mark of rank.

You said:

  • Why are we, or should we, be escorted by angels?
  • What's happening when we approach the Holy Table?

I don't know; maybe it is related to the merit "In Christ" that we have performed over our life time?

The approaching the Holy Table refers to the altar of sacrifice: that one sacrifice of Calvary that is being perpetuated throughout time and history.

That's the best I can do!


Eric replied:

Hi, Joseph —

What it means is that an angel will accompany you when you receive Holy Communion. What advantage this may have, other than personal consolation, I couldn't tell you.

Theoretically, it might provide protection against the forces of darkness, but to be honest, if the forces of darkness aren't repelled by the very Body and Blood of Christ, frankly nine more angels isn't going to help. I suspect it's more of a consolation thing.


Joseph replied:

Hi Mike and Eric,

Thank you for the replies and I'm sorry that I didn't respond earlier.

I agree it is difficult to talk about transcendental things. Actually, this question and your answers encouraged me to read a little bit more about "extraordinary experiences" from spiritual readings. I hope this will make me grow more spiritual.

Thank you again for your kind replies and Happy New Year!

God bless you.
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