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Crystal Goodman wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • If you are a woman at an age where you are unable to conceive, for example, you are over 50 and in menopause, does the oral sex opinion, that you still have to end with intercourse, still apply.


  { If you are an age where you can't conceive, do you still have to end with a conjugal embrace? }

Paul replied:


Good question, and the answer is Yes.

  • From a natural law perspective, the question is similar to asking: if your body stops digesting food, is it okay to then stuff it in your ear?

We are made and designed by God a certain way for certain ends. The double meaning of sex is unitive and procreative, love-making and life-making. When the power of procreation is no longer operable, as in after menopause, the unitive dimension must still be respected. The two become one flesh with sexual intercourse as it is designed, even when that one flesh does not result in a child.

There is no union with completed sodomy, hence it is objectively not a loving act, but an abusive one. One should never contradict love when it comes to lovemaking.


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