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Craig wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am confused.

  • If my Grandpa is in Purgatory, what will happen to him on Judgment Day if no one prays for him, or if he does not get enough prayers?
  • Also, if I can ask St. Mary, or the other canonized Saints, to pray:
    • for me on earth, or
    • for my Grandpa, and
  • How do I communicate with the Saints?
  • If my grandpa is in Heaven, can I communicate with him to ask him to pray for me,
    just as I would ask the canonized Saints?

Thank you.


  { What happens to my Grandpa on Judgment Day if he is in Purgatory, but no one prays for him? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Craig —

Those who are still in Purgatory on Judgment Day — remembering that Purgatory is temporary — God will purify in some way; though we probably can't understand the process here on earth before the Resurrection. We don't know how time works in the afterlife; for all we know Purgatory could be instantaneous in time, with all the future prayers accounted for ahead of time at once or perhaps as Judgment Day approaches God intensifies the purification. We really don't know.

You communicate with the Saints (or those in Purgatory) by prayer. God will make sure the message gets to them. Just don't expect to hear back from them. And yes, you can ask your Grandpa to pray for you, in the same way you would ask canonized Saints.


Mike replied:

Hi, Craig —

Thanks for the questions.

You said:
If my Grandpa is in Purgatory, what will happen to him on Judgment Day if no one prays for him, or if he does not get enough prayers?

I started another internet apostolate five years ago to address this exact need. I am pretty confident that there are many, many souls in Purgatory who are looking for someone to pray for them.

This is why I started, with the help of a Catholic colleague, Brian Bagley, Helpers of the Holy Soul. Our mission is one of Mercy and we are trying to encourage any Catholic or Christian with a devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory to start a Purgatory Prayer Program.

We have a FREE starter kit we can send you.

Monthly or weekly Purgatory prayer meetings are a great way to:

  • pray for the Church Suffering, as well as strengthening the Church Militant
  • confirm fellow Catholics in areas of the faith they may have questions about.
  • share common struggles and sufferings (as well as joys and successes) on home and work-related issues
  • meet new friends and connect with old acquaintances.

Usually after the prayer meetings I've attended, the host graciously provides some coffee, soda and other snacks. Those who come to the prayer meeting have also brought something to contribute to the "after the prayer meeting" get-together.

So far we have sent our program to 25 states in America. If your interested in starting one,
go here and ask for our FREE starter kit today!

Hope this helps,


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