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Marc Wu wrote:

Hi, guys —

I know this question has been addressed and answered in some variety, but I just wanted to give my own little story and two cents.

I was baptized in the Catholic Church, received my First Communion, but was not confirmed.
For whatever reason, I grew very detached from the Church. I never bothered to study in detail the Church's tenets, its history, or any of the underlying components that make this Church so unique.

I've grown now and am married to a beautiful women that I am glad to call my spouse. Everything seemed fine, almost perfect even except, I had no faith whatsoever.

After I stopped attending Mass at the age of 13, I was an Atheist. I just didn't understand the tenets of the Church or its real meaning. Some years ago, I wanted to try and find some faith, something I could call my own; I was 20 around that time. I tried going to some Shul's, Mosques, Temples, etc. I learned so much about religion, both outside, and inside of school. Part of my major even involved Judaic studies. I felt incomplete however, and nothing seemed to fit just right.

I loved Judaism for its rich history and lore. I loved Islam for its strict attention to worship.
Then I realized, I had glanced over a religion that combined both of these traits, and more I might add.

I found my way back into the Catholic Church. I found my way back into my savior Jesus Christ. This posting isn't so much a question but a revelation.

Sites like yours do incredible justice for the faith, and help people like myself see the true light of God once again.

Thank you for everything you do.


  { Sharing some reflections on my faith journey back to the Church plus a thank-you! }

Mike replied:

Hi, Marc —

Thank-you very much for the kind words; the Lord has blessed me with a great team plus:

Welcome home!, your presence makes the Church stronger!

Thank-you for sharing the reflections on your faith journey. I found them very insightful and interesting.

If others, reading this posting, are on a similar journey as Marc, they may want to consider buying a cheap copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Once again Marc, welcome home! I'd encourage you to strive to find something within your local parish that:

  1. you like doing, and
  2. matches a ministry they have

It's a great way to meet new, like-minded Catholics!

If you are interested, check out my favorites page too.


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