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Teddie Thompson wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • I was wondering if there was some kind of Confession hot line or something like that?

In my church, there is only Confession on Saturday from 4:00pm-4:45pm and by appointment.
I confess at least twice a week, but sometimes I feel I need to go to Confession more often due
to the type of sins I struggle with.


  { Since I go to Confession at least twice a week, I was wondering if there is a Confession hot line? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Teddie —

Unfortunately, Confession must be conducted in person. You'll have to find a parish that offers daily Confession, or else confess by appointment.

Also note that Confession is only obligatory for mortal sins. If you are struggling with a specific sin, discuss with your Confessor whether you meet the qualifications for a mortal sin and whether you might be scrupulous: obsessed about ordinary struggles with sin, attributing too much gravity to your culpability.

Remember that mortal sin, in addition to grave matter, requires full consent of the will; you have to freely and deliberately choose the sin. Think of premeditated (first-degree) murder.

Habit, passions, stress, addiction, and other factors can reduce your culpability. If you are committing a sin you don't want to do, chances are good you're not guilty of mortal sin, so consult your confessor.

I am not saying not to go to Confession except for mortal sins, what I am saying is that if you can't get to Confession until the end of the week, don't be alarmed and worried all week long.
Also remember, that if you make an act of perfect contrition — that is to say, if you acknowledge to God that you are sorry, and your sorrow is motivated primarily by love for God (as opposed to merely the fear of Hell), and you intend to go to Confession as soon as you can, should you
(God forbid) perish before getting to Confession, your sins are forgiven.


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