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Jacob Wannabe wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm 13 years old and Jewish. I have a lot of non-Jewish friends from school who live near me. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about converting to Catholicism. My friends have taken me to Church to show me what a Mass looks like; the two of them are altar boys. They even got me to help out once as an altar boy; I liked it a lot.

They showed me how to go to Confession; I try and go once a week. I like the fact that you get to confess your sins before God and get His forgiveness.

If my father finds out about my interest, he would blow a gasket (to say the least). About two weeks ago, I met the priest from the [parish|Church] while walking on the street and he asked me if I would mind filling in as an altar boy, because one of the regular altar boys was very sick. I did, but in the process, I found out that after services have ended, the priest stands outside of the church and the altar boys have to stand with him. I did it only because the parish wasn't anywhere near my house.

Nevertheless, my dad has a client who has his business close by. He was there visiting him that day and saw me standing there all dressed up. Oh boy, did I get it when I got home. I told him that I want to convert, and he said that he would never ever allow it. He would even send me to a military school or some kind of boarding school just to make sure I wouldn't have a Church there.

  • What should I do?

Now I truly believe in Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Savior, but my dad said if he catches me going to Church, or making the sign of the cross, he would break my hands.

I want to get baptized but I'm grounded until further notice. I can't leave the house except for school. He takes me there and picks me up on a regular basis.

Please help, I don't know what to do.

  • Also, is it possible to go to Confession online?

I couldn't go for two weeks now and it bothers me.

A Wannabe Catholic,


  { I'm a 13 year-old Jewish boy, who wants to become Catholic, but my Jewish father won't let me. }

Mary Ann replied:


You are not a Catholic, even if you wish to be one, so you should stop receiving the sacraments and acting as an altar boy.

You would need to study and prepare to be sure you knew the Faith. You would also have to understand what you believed and be prepared for the life of a Christian.

You will need your parent's permission to attend classes to prepare for Baptism. If your father says No, you should honor his will at this time, and keep praying to God, putting your life under His Providence and Control.

When you are 18, you will be able to pursue things as you wish. Do not worry about Confession. God forgives you when you repent of any sin. Do not worry about anything. God is working in your life and your parent's life.

Keep praying, read the prophets and pray the Psalms. God will guide you. Be humble, study, and pray. Do not worry.

God loves you.

Mary Ann

Eric replied:


Just to clarify what my colleague said, while Confession is important for a baptized Catholic to receive, and necessary for serious sins, under most circumstances, only the baptized are allowed to receive it. If you intend to pursue baptism, God will anticipate your desire to receive the sacrament and forgive your sins, since you cannot receive it, if you repent of them out of love for God.

Cultivate that love of God. When you become a Catholic, then you will be encouraged to go to Confession frequently, and it's required for serious sins which you commit, knowingly and deliberately.

Just honor your mother and father at this point and bide your time.

When you are 18, you can enter the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and be baptized into the Catholic faith. God has you in his hands, as my colleague said, do not worry.


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