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Anna Simpson wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am in my 60's and have been away from the Sacrament of Reconciliation for 30 plus years.

I have continued to go to church, for I love going to Mass and I love our Lord Jesus Christ —
When I go to Mass, I also receive the Holy Eucharist. I have, according to the Catholic Church, "mortal" sins on my soul for which I asked and prayed for forgiveness.

  • If I go to Confession, will I be thrown out of the Church because I'm a marginal Catholic?

I want to belong, but I guess, because of certain beliefs (like birth control) I would be denied.


  { If I go to Confession, will I be thrown out of the church because I'm a marginal Catholic? }

Paul replied:


Thanks for the question. My understanding is that God will forgive us and bring us back to His grace any time we are sincerely sorry (and ask for it in the sacrament of Confession). Conversely, God can not forgive us if we are not contrite because we don't allow Him to. Simple logic then would see that if we are in mortal sin and do not go to Confession, we continue to be alienated from God, and approaching Him in the Eucharist would be sacrilege.

If you love the Church, that would necessarily mean, you love her teachings because they are promulgated by the authority of Christ. The teaching against contraception is a very important truth that applies to everyone (not only Catholics) because the use artificial birth control violates natural law. It is objectively an insult to the Creator. The science of Natural Family Planning (NFP) or periodic continence is just as effective for married couples as unnatural methods, but it cooperates with God and His will rather than contradicts it.

For the sake of your salvation, please reconsider going to the beautiful sacrament of Confession. The priest should be very happy to hear your Confession and resolution to live according to God's will from now on. It doesn't mean you will be always be successful at it, but the sincere resolution is an essential part of contrition.

The priest who stands in for Christ is there to assist us in reconciling to God not to "throw us out". There is no greater feeling than walking out of the confessional knowing that you have been made right with God.


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