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Mary P. wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Where can I read about the Holy Souls being released from Purgatory on Christmas day?

Thank you and God bless,


  { Where can I read about the Holy Souls being released from Purgatory on Christmas day? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Mary —

Thank-you for your question.

Since the subject of your question deals with the Holy Souls, allow me to advertise my other apostolate:

Helpers of the Holy Souls

I run this apostolate dedicated to releasing the Holy Souls from Purgatory with another colleague of mine, Brian Bagley.  We are trying to start Purgatory Prayer Programs in every state in the Untied States. You can read more about what we do on our site and get your FREE Purgatory Prayer Program starter kit here.

After talking with (Bags) about your question, the only two sources he knew of came from unapproved, private revelations.

  • What does this mean?

It means what they say could or could not be true, the Church has not spoken on the validity of these revelations. I am mentioning them because what they say, seems possible.

Because neither source has been approved by the Church I have to withhold my sources and just tell you what they said.

The testimonial of the first quote is from a Sister M. de L. C. All her knew her, were unanimous in declaring that she practiced all the religious virtues, even heroically.

Question: Does All Souls' Day and its octave bring great joy to Purgatory and many releases?

Answer: On All Souls' Day many souls leave the place of expiation and go to Heaven. Also, by a special grace of God on that day only, all the suffering souls, without exception, have a share in the public prayers of the Church, even those who are in the great Purgatory. Still the relief of each soul is in proportion to its merits. Some receive more, some less, but all feel the benefit of this extraordinary grace. Many of the suffering souls receive this one help only in all the long years they pass here and this by the justice of God. It is not, however, on All Souls' Day that the most go to Heaven. It is on Christmas night.

The testimonial of the second quote is from Maria Simma, a living mystic. From this source,
she is asked:

Question: Are there days on which more souls are delivered from Purgatory into Heaven than on others?

Answer: Yes, it is at Christmas that the most souls are delivered, but again this depends on how much was prayed or done for them. It is Christmas because Christmas is the greatest of all days for graces. And then also on Good Friday,
[the feast of the] Ascension and All Souls' Day many are released.

If I find quotes from approved sources I will add them as well.

Important Note: Prudence dictates that if you share these quotes with other family and friends, you tell them they came from unapproved sources of the Church. They can be considered as nothing more than theological opinion.

Hope this helps,


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