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Jonathan Canton wrote:

Hi, guys —

Like I said in my last question, I'm new to the faith. My wife is a cradle Catholic, but she hasn't gone to Mass regularly until recently. We have one daughter who is baptized.

My question deals with contraception.

One of us had genital warts before we got married and now we both do. My wife has had cancer cells cut off her uterus in the past, but everything seems fine now. She is very adamant about me using condoms during sex. When I tell her this is causing me guilt she says:

Do I want to kill her?

I recently told here that I couldn't continue to use condoms because of the guilt and she got very upset and said they are not being used for birth control.

  • What should I do?


  { I'm a convert, but due to genital wart issues my cradle Catholic wife demands I use a condom. }

Mary Ann replied:

Jonathan —

I think she is confused about the medical aspects. If she contracted HPV (Human Papillomavirus) from you, she already has it. It is not fatal. The HPV virus that causes genital warts is not the kind that sometimes causes cancer. (See the Wikipedia article on genital warts or HPV.)

Abnormal cells of the cervix can be caused by many things, often just an inflammation or infection. It is important that you and your wife get some accurate medical information (not from us, as we are not qualified.) In any case, condoms are not protecting her from something she already has, so the issue of their use, ought not to be an issue. There are many ways she can look into building up her immunity so that her HPV subsides.

Mary Ann

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