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Daniel Goodman wrote:

Hi, guys —

My Catholic wife continues to use birth control. I'm new to the faith and the more I learn about contraception, the more I worry about our use of it. It causes me to be frustrated, upset and mad.

I hope that it doesn't come to this but:

  • Is this grounds for a annulment or divorce?

I cannot continue to live like this.



  { Is my wife's insistence on using birth control grounds for an annulment or divorce? }

John replied:


The Church's teaching on artificial contraception is definitive and binding and all Catholics. Unfortunately, most Catholics are poorly catechized and even poorly evangelized. The best thing you can do is to pray for your wife and hope that God opens her heart to the truth. God sees your heart and will hear your prayer. God hates divorce so that's the last thing you want to be thinking about at this point in the marriage.

I suggest you give it some time and prayer. After a period of prayer, try to approach the issue again with her.


Mary Ann replied:

Dear Daniel —

An intention, at the time of marriage, to exclude children from the union could be grounds for annulment. You must speak to your local pastor.

Conversion is always the best way, so perhaps you could provide your wife with some good resources.

Mary Ann

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