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Stevin Habba wrote:

Hi, guys —

I just recently received a message from someone telling me not to trust the web site:

  • Can you please provide me with links to Catholics web sites I can trust?

I should probably just stick to reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church but sometimes it's nice to read from apologists who are practicing Catholics.

Anyway, please let me know.

I use the following web sites and I need your help on whether or not they are truly Catholic sites:

I don't want to be influenced by false teachings that claim to be "Catholic" when they are really not.

I also heard there is a site that tells you how faithful a site is to the Catholic Church; if you can provide me with that, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am actually entering the seminary this August and am going to become a Catholic Priest,
God willing; I want to ensure I teach the true doctrines of the Church, rather then false ones. has convinced me that there is salvation for people who don't believe in Jesus Christ.

Here are two of their links:

I really enjoyed this pamphlet as well; it's the one that lead me to their web site.

I also enjoyed this one:

Thank you,


  { Can you please provide me with links to Catholic web sites I can trust? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Steve —

Great to hear from you again.

Your friend is wrong. Catholic Answers has a fine site. We use their material occasionally.
The following links:

are fine. I reviewed them for your benefit. In addition, all have a faithful rating from Catholic Culture. Any web site faithful to the Church, should get their site evaluated here:

The site you were referring to is Catholic Culture:

They evaluate how faithful a web site is to the Catholic Church. I'm a big fan of Catholic Culture because it gives objective criteria on the faithfulness of any web site they assess. 

The only down side of the site is it tends to limit, with good reasons, any financial revenue stream a Web Administrator wishes to bring in through [his/her] site, without possibly losing ones rating from the site. For example, if I wanted to start posting ads, from other on-line retailers, to support [], my Catechism of the Catholic Church program, I would have no idea what retailer ads would effect my Catholic Culture rating.

If a web site hasn't been evaluated by Catholic Culture, it doesn't mean it is not faithful to the Church, it just means you have to apply solid criteria for evaluating the site yourself. Below is a list of personal criteria I use, with corresponding Catholic answers in parentheses:

  • Does the web site believe in the validity of both the Novus Ordo and Extraordinary Form of the Mass, when said correctly by a validly ordained priest? (Yes)
  • Does the web site believe in all the Catholic Councils from Nicea to Vatican II? (Yes)
  • Does the web site have any content that is against the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church? (No)
  • Does the web site have any content that implies the current [and|or] previous popes in the last xx number of years were not really Popes?; Are they Sedevacantists? (No)
  • Does the web site believe all versions the Catechism of the Catholic Church published in the 1990's have any non-editorial errors on issues of faith and morals? (No)

If there are any issues with any of the above criteria, I would not recommend using or recommending the site to anyone.

Hope this helps,

I'm sure our team will pray for your discernment and calling to the priesthood.

If the calling discerns a Yes, Praise the Lord;
If the calling discerns a No, consider starting a Catholic apologetics group in your area.

Check out my:

Hope this helps,


Stevin replied:

Mike —

Thank you so much; I really would appreciate the prayers. I need as much spiritual help as possible to be strong enough to join the Priesthood and live a life of celibacy and sacrifice.

You really covered my question in depth and I love that you actually took the time to review the web sites.

When the person told me that was not a reliable source I didn't believe him. I needed to make sure, and that's why I came to you.

Your site has truly helped me so thank you so much for everything you do.


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