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Diane DBMM (DesperateBeforeMyMarriage) wrote:

Hi, guys —

You're going to need some background for this one:

I am a 27-year-old Church of Latter Day Saint woman [or a Mormon], and a convert to this church, ... and, you guessed it, I converted from Catholicism. Before you exit out of this email please bear with me.

I am thirty days from being married in the temple, and the more I read:

  • our Scriptures (Book of Mormon)
  • Pearl of Great Price
  • Doctrine and Covenants and
  • the Joseph Smith edition of the KJV

the more confused I am. What used to make sense doesn't anymore, and the only thing I want is to go back home to the Catholic Church. My problem is, I don't think I can.

  • When I was baptized into the (LDS) Latter Day Saint church, was I not excommunication from the Catholic Church just by my leaving?

Also, there is much fear in leaving the LDS church. They, too, believe they are Christ's one true church on earth, and if I were to make a serious effort to leave them, I would be shunned until I had completed the repentance process and was baptized again. If I acknowledge the priesthood authority of my husband, leaving would be an act of apostasy that could tear our family apart.

My biggest fear is that I am going to be damned. Without knowing where I should turn to, I am beset by confusion. I thought that when I had gone to the temple, everything would become clearer; instead, everything is just more confusing.

Please help me. I have forgotten what peace is.


Diane DBMM

  { I left the Church to become a Mormon, but want to come back before marrying in their temple. }

John replied:

Dear Diane DBMM —

Welcome home. You are always welcome back. You are not going to be damned for whatever reason you left and went to the LDS church. No doubt, you probably did not have a very good Catholic catechesis. Unfortunately, that's all too common.

Ultimately Mormonism boils down to believing in Joseph Smith's word over the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has been handed down for 2,000 years. Mormonism is not a Christian Church. They deny the Trinity and have a very different Jesus. They are wonderful people. God loves them as He loves everyone but that doesn't make Joseph Smith right.

Just look at the issue of polygamy. Smith claimed it was divine revelation; God wanted to restore polygamy. Less than one half a century later, one of Mormonism's subsequent "prophets" hears from the same God, that polygamy should be stopped. Of course, this was convenient because unless the Mormons gave up polygamy, Utah couldn't become a state so Mormonism serves a God that changes his mind on a core matter of faith.

According to Mormonism, God the Father, was once a man and he now lives on a planet near the star base Kolob.

  • Does that sound like the God of the Bible?

According to Mormonism, Jesus and Lucifer were "soul brothers" and both Lucifer and Jesus presented plans to God the Father for mankind. Lucifer wanted to force men into worshiping God, but Jesus wanted to give us free will. God picked Jesus' plan and that's when Satan rebelled.

  • Hmmm. Does that sound right to you?

If you need more information about the cult of Mormonism, I can put you in touch with people who do great research. In the mean time:

  • go see your local priest
  • have your Confession heard and
  • come on home to the Church.

God Bless,


Paul replied:

Diane DBMM —

If you are 30 days away from marrying a Mormon in the temple you better consider doing something about this, especially if he doesn't know of these thoughts of yours nor your desire to come back into full communion with the Catholic Church.

My humble advice is to not go through with this unless there is clarity in your own mind and crystal clear communication with your potential spouse. Also keep in mind that, if you were baptized Catholic, the Church would not see this potential union as a valid marriage.

As a former and future practicing Catholic, this should concern you considerably.


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