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Veronica O'Brien wrote:

Hi, guys —

When the Lord gives you friends:

  • What's the true definition of a friend?
  • What does friendship mean?


  { What's the true definition of a friend and what does friendship mean? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Veronica —

Thanks for the question.

Sorry for the heady answer, but I'm just giving you what came to me.   My answer falls into the category of theological opinion and is not doctrinal.

The true definition of a friend is Trinitarian and will mimic the relationship between the Father and His Son, Jesus.

What do I mean?

Ideally, true friends:

  • care for each other
  • share with each other
  • figure out problems with each other
  • want the best for each other
  • are willing to sacrifice for each other
  • when one is hurt, the other one will feel the pain and/or sorrow in some way
  • they also share in each others joys

Within all the bullets I've listed, there is a back and forth of communication of love and concern for the other.

If you are looking for the ideal friendship, we can turn to St. Thomas Aquinas who tells us:

Marriage is the highest form of friendship.

As to your question, what does friendship mean?

On a social level, friendship means being open to share, care and help new friends and family members in that Trinitarian way.


If your love for your sister in helping, sharing, caring, listening, sacrificing and assisting,
is mimicked back, by your sister to you, we eventually see a true Trinitarian love between family members from within the family itself.

For short, true friendship is Trinitarian, even if the people these days don't realize it. : )

Make sense?


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