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Steve DeForest wrote:

Hi, guys —

I always seem to find myself bothered when being "evangelized" by Protestants; primarily Evangelicals. Someone I see quite often, always speaks to me as if the Church is evil and says we worship saints while making other false statements. They emphasize how our country revolves around Protestantism and how all we need to do to be saved is to be re-born. It sounds like they want me to join a cult.

All of this Protestant evangelization is giving me problems so please I ask you:

  • What can I do?

Please answer, because I'm not sure I can handle all this forced-Protestantism before I just snap and say many, crude, hurtful things to these people.



  { How can I handled this forced Protestantism without snapping? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Steve —

Read the Bible. Surrender yourself to Christ and be devoted to following the Gospel. The more they recognize and respect your faith, the more they'll be open to you. Oh yeah, and you'll be saved, too.

Pray to the Holy Spirit. Learn your faith. Study apologetics, including:

You might start with:

Conversion stories are good for getting a feel for how they think; Surprised by Truth and Surprised by Truth II and III edited by Patrick Madrid are good.

Any books by:

  • Patrick Madrid
  • Steve Ray
  • Karl Keating
  • Jimmy Akin
  • Mark Shea
  • Dave Armstrong, or
  • David Currie

are good.

A good book for them is Catholic and Christian by Alan Schreck.


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