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John wrote:

Hi, guys —

My brother is married to a wiccan. My father firmly believes the Church disallows him from letting a wiccan, or witch, enter his home. This has prevented him from acknowledging the marriage and has driven a wedge between my brother and father.

My question is:

  • Is my father's view correct according to the Church?
  • Do you have a recommendation on how we can rectify this situation and keep our faith,
    as well as our family, in tact?

Thank you for any help you can offer,


  { Does the Church disallow a wiccan or witch to enter a Catholic household? }

Mary Ann replied:

John —

The Church does not prohibit your father from letting a wiccan enter his home, however,
the Church does require him to follow his well-formed conscience.

The Church does prohibit witchcraft, and your Dad is well within his rights to bar a witch from his home. He could, however, meet them on neutral ground and explain his position and give her the truth about Wiccanism, a modern religion with made-up roots.

Mary Ann

John replied:

Mary Ann —

Thank you for your quick response. This is good information. At this time, my brother's wife shows no indication that she will denounce Wicca.

  • Is it acceptable to ask my father to put their differences aside for my brother's sake?

As it stands now, he almost never sees our family and I am afraid he will lose his Christianity if this keeps up.

Thank you, again.


Mary Ann replied:


We do not give family counseling or relationship advice, but we can say that the Church teaches we should be charitable, but not go against our consciences.

That said, your father is within his rights not to admit his daughter in law to his home, if he believes that would be showing approval and believes that is what he must do, but that does not mean that he can not meet with her. She is due the respect and charity that is due to any human being. We could never convert pagans if we refused to meet with them. So I don't a see a need to break up a family.

Too often, people who go against the beliefs and customs of others want others to approve of their beliefs and customs, and not just accept them as human beings. As a result, they often inflict the beliefs or customs by word or behavior, and that might cause someone to need to bar them from the house. Wiccanism is paganism; it is a phony modern form, but it is real in its opening to evil spirits. This can bring harm to anyone in contact with it.

Mary Ann

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