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Brother Warren Perrotto, MSC wrote:

Hi, guys —

Recently, I was told by a religious sister that during the Communist regime of Czechoslovakia
the Vatican approved ordained women to celebrate Mass underground. When the Communist regime ended, the Vatican switched its position and said that the ordinations were invalid.

  • Is this true?

Brother Warren

  { Did the Vatican ordain women during the Communist regime of Czechoslovakia? }

John replied:

Hi, Brother Warren —

Thanks for your question.

This is pure nonsense. If this were the case, it would mean the Church reversed itself on a matter of faith and morals. That is impossible. Further, it would mean that the Church is now lying about a matter of faith and morals; that would mean that the Gates of Hell had prevailed against the Church. That, of course, would mean that the promise of Christ to protect the Church against the gates of Hell meant nothing. (Matthew 16:13-20) The logical conclusion would then be that Christ is not God and the Church is a demonic, lying institution.

That's it in a nutshell. So either the Church is lying or this "religious" sister is lying or distorting something to promote a radical social agenda at the expense of the truth and the Sacraments.


Eric replied:

I had not heard of this.

These claims seem to arise from the claims of Ludmila Javorová and pertain to bishop Felix Maria Davídek who apparently attempted to ordain her secretly. While all I'm going on is the data in Wikipedia, it does not appear any permission from Rome was sought, and, in fact, Bishop Davídek had been responsible for several irregular ordinations and was forced to cease acting as a bishop by the Holy See. The article on Javorová, says,

'The ordination of women was a highly controversial theme within Davídek's group and played a role in its splitting in the early 1970s. Davídek himself concealed Javorová's ordination from many of his co-workers. Davídek demanded written promises of "absolute silence on the matter" from people participating in his secret ordinations.'

This does not sound like something done above-board.

I think what we have here is a loose cannon, not an endorsement from Rome. The ordination attempt was in 1970, five years before the Holy See made an official statement ruling out women's ordination. It seems unlikely that the Holy See would have changed its mind in such a short period of time.


Mary Ann replied:

Brother Warren —

In any case, the ordination wouldn't "take", and would not create a priest.

Mary Ann

Brother Warren replied:

Thank you so much!

Brother Warren Perrotto, MSC
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
Aurora, Illinois

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