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Matthew Steel wrote:

Hi, guys —

My name is Matthew. I live in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have a personal dilemma.
I am wondering about how I am supposed to treat the issue of "gay marriage." I don't see why the issue affects me, as I am heterosexual. God gave us a free will to chose to sin or obey him. I don't see that I have a right to openly oppose something I see as immoral. If that was the case,
logic would indicate we should also criminalize:

  • pornography
  • cigarette smoking
  • overeating
  • and similar things I find to be immoral.

Am I sinning to not oppose "gay marriage?"

I am not saying that I particularly support it, but I am not going to openly protest against it either. I am completely pro-life. However, I don't see how American Catholics can attempt to equate killing an innocent life with allowing consenting adults enter an immoral sexual relationship.

Please help.

Should I refrain from receiving Holy Communion over this?



  { Am I sinning by not opposing "gay marriage"? }

Paul replied:


As soldiers of Christ due to our Baptism and Confirmation each of us has a duty to uphold the true and the good. When it comes to gay marriage it is neither gay (as in happy) nor marriage. That is the truth we must stand for. Exactly how we stand for it, is up to us. Some:

  • like to work the political end
  • others work in the media
  • some teach children
  • some pray consistently for this issue
  • other write letters to the editor
  • some blog
  • other talk or have friendly debates with:
    • families
    • friends, etc.
    • in person
    • on face book
    • or a combination of some, or all of the above.

  • Is it as important as smoking or overeating?

More so, on three counts:

First, while smoking and eating too much can be sinful and harmful to an individual to a certain degree the acceptance and legalization of "same-sex marriage" is detrimental not only to the self, but to the family and society, attacking the foundation of which we all live as civilized people.

Secondly, most people know smoking and overeating are unhealthy, but the movement today is to accept homosexual lifestyle as "normal" or "alternative". There is no greater evil than to call evil, good. Whereas overeating can be wrong from minimal to more serious degrees, a homosexual act is always unnatural and always gravely violates the natural moral law.

Thirdly, it is a significant contributor to our culture of death. The fifth and sixth commandments are so intrinsically linked that sins against sex almost always lead to sins against human life; as we have seen with contraception, fornication and pornography, with abortifacients, abortion and euthanasia . Homosexual acts are also acts of death in so much as they are a utilization of the faculty of the human person meant to be life-giving. Even if a married couple happen to be sterile their natural heterosexual intercourse gives selves and shares life in the true unitive sense. Homosexual acts pervert sexual acts into ones that will absolutely result in no life, procreatively or between the two parties. We can not re-write human nature.

So I would say pray and see what ways you may feel most comfortable with in sharing the gifts and talents God has given you to fight the evil of our society of calling evil, good and good, evil — on this issue as well as others.



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