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Leah wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am working on a play called Nunsense, the Mega Musical, and in the play the Rev. Mother uses a clicker to get attention from the audience and to get a spotlight on her.

  • What is this clicker and what does it look like?

When she uses it, if the audience laughs, she is suppose to say:

"Brings back memories, doesn't it."

I think it might have something to do with being taught by the nuns, but I can't find any information on it.

Thank you : )


  { What is a clicker and what does it look like? }

Mary Ann replied:

Ah, yes, the clicker.

Better than the snapper, which was a metal thing that made an icky sound.

The clicker was made of wood, as was the clacker, which was largest of all. The clacker was operated by giving it a shake. In any case, whether one was clicked, or snapped, or clacked,
one obeyed.

The sisters used it as a signal for different behaviors, depending on the context. One click, genuflect (the whole row had marched into church and lined up); two clicks, get up.

One click, stand at your desk, two clicks, start to file out. If you were in the hallway (in line,
as always), a click meant to bow or curtsy, since a priest or, (even in one school, a grown-up!) was passing.

A click to put your books away, two clicks to start the test. We became conditioned.

What would be really funny is if she clicked and a bunch of planted audience members stood up. Another click, and they sat down.

I guess it helped them keep the rule of silence, and avoided the yelling you hear all over schools these days.

Mary Ann

John replied:


Just so you know, they don't use them anymore!


Mary Ann replied:


I forgot to mention that we weren't clicked and clacked upon!

It was a handheld device that made a noise to signal a group of students . . . and there used to be at least 50, often 60, students in a class so you can imagine why they used clickers!

Mary Ann

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