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McKenzie Neu wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic myself and I am not here to ask a question about my faith but to get some advice.

My friend is a Catholic-Baptist, and is leaning toward the Baptist side, but her father wants her to receive Confirmation. She plans to go through the sacrament just to satisfy her father's wishes.

  • What should I tell her to do?


  { How should I advise my friend who is leaning Baptist but whose father wants her to be confirmed? }

Mary Ann replied:

Hi, McKenzie —

Tell her to investigate the origins of both religions. That will tell her a lot. Ask her to figure out which one has carried the words and deeds of Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit since the time of Christ up until now.

Tell her she should not judge the Catholic faith by the childish view she has. It is time for her to get a grown up view.

Buy her a good Catholic Apologetics book.

Mary Ann

Eric replied:

Hi, McKenzie —

She should not really be confirmed unless she is doing it out of her heart, because she believes. You should do everything you can to encourage her to study the Catholic faith and be confirmed but ultimately it's up to her.

A good book is:

Catholic and Christian: An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs
by Alan Schreck.

It explains Catholicism to an Evangelical audience very kindly and patiently, and backs it up with Scripture and evidence from the early Christians. If she has trouble with Catholicism from a Biblical perspective that would be a good book.

Another one is:

God's [Life's] Greatest Grace: Why I Belong To The Catholic Church
by J. Michael Miller

At one time, that was my favorite book; very powerful. (It is out of print I think; you may have to get it used.)

Some conversion stories might help; any one of the Surprised By Truth triple series by Patrick Madrid would be very helpful. If you buy it on Amazon, below the cover of this book you will see smaller images of the other books where it says, Frequently bought together.

A bit more forceful is Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians" by Karl Keating, which is standard when Catholics get strong anti-Catholic questions that need to be refuted. I could recommend a dozen or so more but I'll stop with those.


Mary Ann replied:

McKenzie —

I am thinking that if a young Catholic is thinking this way, it is because someone is working on her, and she does not have the tools to defend her faith.

The first thing she should do is stop listening to someone who is trying to take her out of the faith of her parents and the faith of her childhood, and to delay any faith changing decision until she learns her own religion.

The next thing to do is pray for light, protection, and strength.

Mary Ann

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