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Dermott Kelly wrote:

Dear AAC,

I'm one member of a Rosary prayer group that meets at a university hospital in Adelaide,
South Australia. We meet every Friday for lunch-time in a multi-faith chapel that we share with Protestants (United Church of Christ, Anglicans) and Muslim. 

A couple of Muslim doctors have started to push Islam quite aggressively with books, glossy pamphlets and a DVD which they've put out on a small table inside the chapel.  The pamphlets and DVD are free, and the books can be borrowed with permission.  They are also pushing the line that Islam is a religion of peace that respects other religions.  While they are not fooling us, they may well appeal to others because the apologetics is quite sophisticated and plausible (I've read a sample of the pamphlets and watched parts of their DVD).  Consequently, I've been searching for a Catholic equivalent but without success.

  • Does such material exist?

The Evangelical Christians, on the other hand, have some good DVD's that include testimonials of Muslims who have converted to Christianity (with Arabic subtitles).

Pax et bonum,


  { Is there a Catholic equivalent to their Muslim outreach material so I can evangelize like them? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Dermott —

Yes there is. I would suggest a few sources. They may not all be free but I'm pretty sure Steve at Lighthouse Catholic would have something to support your cause.

You said:
They are also pushing the line that Islam is a religion of peace that respects other religions.

This is not true. Read the following postings:

Hope this helps,


Dermott replied:

Dear Mike,

Many thanks!

Regards and God bless,


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