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Amy wrote:

Hi, guys —

My religion teacher calls herself a Catholic but is also an Avesa Quantum healer. She makes Archangelic healing dolls in which a ritual is performed upon little rag dolls. After four days,
the blessing of angels burst forth from the dolls providing love and healing to all who hold them.

I want to buy one of her dolls but I'm not sure if the Catholic Church approves of this ritual.

  • Is it wrong to have one of these dolls?
  • Even if the ritual is performed, could I have a priest bless the doll making it acceptable for a Catholic to have?



  { Is it wrong to have a healing doll made by a Catholic teacher who is an Avesa Quantum healer? }

Mary Ann replied:

Amy —

That is magic, pure and simple, and forbidden by the First Commandment.

You may have an angel statue or figurine as a reminder of angels. You may have one blessed by a priest or deacon so that it carries the prayer of the Church and becomes a sacramental.
The dolls you refer to are useless.

  1. First, angels do not bless - they bring God's blessing.
  2. Second, only a cleric can impart the blessing of God on an object, and that blessing simply makes the object holy, consecrated to God; it does not give powers.

Any ritual performed on an angel doll does not impart any power to the doll. These figurines are essentially being used as reverse voodoo dolls, a way to manipulate and control God's actions through occult words and gestures. That is the definition of magic.

When this type of thing is performed, it is generally the evil spirit who sees the opportunity to work on the person who puts his trust in the object. If one cooperates in this endeavor, one is committing superstition, and one is opening oneself to evil spirits, who are the source of any such magic powers.

Mary Ann

Mike replied:

Hi, Amy —

Seeing that the pastor of your church is probably aware of the background of your religion teacher, you should inform the local bishop of what your religious instruction teacher is doing.

If by some long shot, your pastor is not aware, you should definitely bring this to his attention,
in addition to mentioning my colleague's comments.


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