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G.C. wrote:

Hi, guys —

I just learned of Network, a National Catholic Social Justice lobby. Their subtitle is:

A Catholic leader in the global movement for justice and peace.

I totally disagree with this group.

  • How is this group associated with the Catholic Church?
  • Does the Catholic Church fund and support the ideas of this group?
  • Where in the Catholic Church can I send my protests about this group?

God Bless and Keep Us Always,


  { Does the Church fund and support this group and where can I send my protests about this group? }

Mike replied:

Hi, G.C. —

This group is not faithful to the Church. Check out their Catholic Culture evaluation. I couldn't even find a picture of the Holy Father anywhere on their web site.

You said:

  • How are they associated with the Catholic Church?

Any organization that is not faithful to the Church's Magisterium, yet uses the name catholic
has to have a bishop who, sadly, is accountable for this.

You said:

  • Does the Catholic Church fund and support the ideas of this group?

Not officially, though there are scandalous organizations in the Church that may.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Conference has a scandalous record of supporting groups that are not faithful to the Church. This is highlighted by the:

Catholic Campaign for Human Development

In an airing of The World Over on EWTN, host Raymond Arroyo on September 25th and November 13th 2009 Raymond Arroyo stated:

The mission of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is supposed to be fighting poverty.

Nevertheless they:

  1. forbid granting monies to Catholic groups and
  2. forbid giving money to organizations that are partisan or are opposed to Church teaching.
    Note: Despite claim number 2. in the past they have given monies to liberal organizations that promote:
    • contraception
    • same sex marriage, and
    • abortion

Raymond mentioned five such groups, along with (ACORN):
the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now:

  1. The Chinese Progressive Association
  2. The Los Angeles Community Network
  3. The Rebecca Project for Human Rights
  4. The Women's Community Revitalization Project
  5. Young Workers United.

He went on to say that the bishops have suspended giving money to two out of the five organizations. Nevertheless, he said, about one million dollars of your second collection donations have gone to these groups. ($14 million was given to non-Catholic entities in 2006.)

On the November 13th show, he had on Robert Gaspar from the Bellarmine Veritas Ministry and Michael Hitchborn from the American Life  League.

On that show, it was noted that although:

  1. ACORN
  2. The Chinese Progressive Association
  3. The Rebecca Project for Human Rights, and
  4. Young Workers United

had been defunded by the Bishop's Conference, four other groups, where Catholics through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, were funding organizations that promoted grave evil. They were:

  1. the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center in Ohio
    (Lists on their web site as their "Friends and Colleagues" web sites that are pro abortion and pro homosexuality marriage.)
  2. the Massachusetts Community Labor Untied
    (Joined "Cure CVS Now" to expand access to birth control via their "unlock the condoms" initiative.)
  3. Voces de la Frontera of Wisconsin
    (Promoted a homosexual campaign in their October 2009 newsletter.)
  4. Preble Street in Maine
    (Operates a Day shelter where "Family Planning Services" are available.
    They also joined an organization that would maintain same-sex marriage in Maine.)

Raymond stated on his September airing that last year, EWTN News asked for a line item budget from the USCCB, (where some of these expenditures would show up) but the request was denied by the bishops.

Fr. Robert Sirico from the Acton Institute commented on the September show:

What is problematic is the culture that surrounds the decision making [on which groups receive any money] is several steps removed from the bishops.

Despite scandalous behavior by those Our Lord has chosen to shepherd His flock, we have to remember, that we can't leave the bark or truth of Peter, due to scandalous Judas behavior.

I think the final comments that Robert Gaspar and Michael Hitchborn made were important and
I totally agree with them. They said, paraphrasing:

No one is trying to abolish the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

What's needed is a complete and total reform of the grants process with absolute transparency.

Catholics should not unknowingly be funding morally grave evil. Catholics stand for holiness, or should, in word and deeds.

  • Isn't that what Jesus would want?

Sharing  your concerns with your priests and bishops over time, will send a message, similar to the one I used, a few years ago at a parish second collection for the (CUA) Catholic University of America, when dissenting professor Charles Curran was there.

Then I took two Post-It notes stuck back-to-back and wrote on it:

No dogma / No doctrine: No dollars!!

Even if the situation at CUA has changed, we have to encourage our cardinals and bishops to suspend the spending of money to groups that support principles contrary to the Church's teachings.

Make up your own slogan and drop it in the basket.  It's not being irreverent or disrespectful, although that's what they may say.

It's showing our pastors, bishops and cardinals that we have an informed Catholic intellect and that we will only financially support groups that actively encourage and promote Catholic teachings that are faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.

You said:

  • Where in the Catholic Church can I send my protests about this group?

I would write to your local bishop and to the U.S. Apostolic Nunciature. His address is on our addresses page near the bottom.

Final note: Because of the reaction to the shows that Raymond has broadcast, I'm hoping that the bishops will take more action to defund these other anti-Catholic groups that are currently being funded, unknowingly, by Catholics.

Rather then continue to update this posting, I encourage you to watch the World Over with Raymond Arroyo every Friday night on EWTN.

Hope this helps,


Richard replied:

Hi, G.C. —

The Catholic Key blog from the diocese of Kansas City recently mentioned Network's endorsement of a bill to subsidize Planned Parenthood:

Also, the director of Network urged Congress to ignore insignificant details (such as pro-life objections) and pass a health care bill immediately.

The group was founded by feminist religious sisters in 1971, and it has no official standing in the Church. It claims to represent 100,000 people, but many of those are probably religious sisters, brothers, or priests whose order's leaders choose to give the order's endorsement to Network; the individual members of religious orders don't get to vote on such issues.

The group's offices are in Washington, DC, so if you want to ask a bishop to speak out against the group's activities, you could write to the Archbishop of Washington D.C.

— RC

G.C. replied:

I sent the following e-mail to the USCCB in Washington.

I found the attached document from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

It seems to me that the USCCB supports Network.

Please let me know if I misunderstand the content of this document.

Although Pro-Life is the priority issue, I also place great importance on illegal immigration. On this issue, it appears to me that the USCCB is in favor of making them legal citizens.

God Bless and Have a Great Day,


Please let me know your opinion on this issue.


Mary Ann replied:

G.C. —

The USCCB, by its own sworn testimony, and in canon law and theology, has absolutely no authority or juridical power over Catholics or over dioceses.

The bishop in the diocese is the guide. Bishops disagree among themselves over these issues.

It is true that people should not be denied access to basic care, no matter who they are.  One must treat the Samaritan. One must give life-preserving care to anyone who presents oneself in need, but there is no Church teaching that the government must provide for all.

Indeed, there is much authoritative Church teaching that states subsidiarity is necessary to justice.

Mary Ann

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