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Anna wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • I was wondering if it is a sin to live in the same house, as a loved one, before you're married, even if you don't sexually do anything?
  • For example, if one of the two doesn't have enough money to support himself or herself, is it alright to have a room set apart for the other person in the house?

This would mean that they are in two different rooms entirely.

Thanks for taking my question!


  { It is OK to live together before our marriage for financial reasons if we don't sexually do anything? }

John replied:

Hi, Anna —

Thanks for the question.

What you are suggesting is not sinful, in and of itself, but it could cause scandal. It could also put you in a position of additional temptation.

As Catholics, we must do our utmost to avoid the occasion to sin. This kind of proximity with someone with whom you are in love, may make it difficult to keep the relationship chaste until you marry, so while it may not be sinful, it's not really appropriate.

That said; if it is truly:

  • a financial emergency
  • all other alternatives have been explored, and
  • it's for a short period of time

then you certainly don't want the person living on the street.

Just make sure you discuss and agree upon ground rules and build in fail-safe measures that will enable you to maintain a chaste relationship until you marry.


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