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Kevin George wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Could Islam be from our God, the Father, because it is flaw less?
  • Even our Bible has scientific errors but the [Quran|Koran] does not.
  • Could prophet Mohammed be the last prophet?


  { Could Islam be from our God the Father, because it and the [Quran|Koran] are flawless? }

Mary Ann replied:

Hi, Kevin —

The Bible does not have scientific errors. The Bible does not present science.

The Koran has many contradictions and errors but says that God can change and teach a different message if He wants — until the close of the Koran, so within it, are apparent contradictions.

Muslim scholars have variously interpreted the Koran, depending on whether they take it literally or not. Much of Muslim teaching comes from the Hadiths, the collection of the sayings and deeds of the prophet collected later by his followers.

Much that is in the Koran comes from Jewish legend, and there is material from false forms of Christianity and extracanonical Christian writings, because Mohammed knew his Christianity from the Nestorians and other heretical Christians.

Another problem with the Koran is that it is said to be truly understandable only in Arabic,
so whatever anyone reads in translation is said to be a false understanding. Many Muslims do not read Arabic and rely on the spoken words of their Imams to know their faith, and those teachings vary from Imam to Imam.

There are many books that can help one understand Islam from the outside, which, I submit,
is the only way to understand it, because intelligibility for a Muslim is not a property of God.

He is pure Will.

Mary Ann

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