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Anonymous wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Where is the place that Jesus was crucified on the map? also
  • Why in paintings do they show Jesus white?
  • He was a Middle Eastern person, right?
  • Wouldn't he have possessed a more tan or dark complexion?


  { Where was Jesus crucified and why do paintings portray Him this way? }

John replied:

Hi, Anonymous —

There are a couple of places that people claim the Crucifixion occurred. These are small t traditions and not definitive. If you are really that interested in how to find these locations on a map, I would suggest you contact Israel's department of tourism.

As for your second question, artists portray Christ in their paintings as they see Him. Artists are not inspired authors, theologians, or historians.

  • The paintings you find in a Western European museum will tend to portray Christ with European features.
  • On the other hand, an Eastern Orthodox Icon, would tend to give Jesus more Mediterranean features.
  • Perhaps an Icon created by an Ethiopian Coptic monk might portray Jesus with African features.

The point is, an artist will naturally portray a subject through his own cultural lenses.
None of this matters an iota in terms of Christological formulas or doctrines.

Jesus's skin color is not a issue as it relates to who He is and what His mission was/is.


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