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Frank Taruwona wrote:

Hi, guys —

I`d like to know about the (15) Fifteen Hidden pains of Christ as revealed to
St Gertrude.



  { What are the 15 hidden pains of Christ and can you help me stand up to the Jehovah Witnesses? }

Mike replied:

Hi Frank,

I've been researching to try to find the information your looking for and think I've found it. 

Let me first say, the question, itself, is centered around a private prayer devotion and has nothing to do with the doctrine of the Church.

I'm questioning whether you are mixing up:

  • St. Mary Magdalen of Sancta Clara, or
  • St. Bridget

    • with St. Gertrude?

I found this on the website. I think this is what you were looking for:

The Fifteen Secret Tortures And Sufferings Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.

I looked for one that would comfort me, and I found nonePsalm 69:20

Revealed to the pious, God-loving Sister Mary Magdalen of Sancta Clara Order, Franciscan, who lived, died and was beatified in Rome. Jesus fulfilled the wish of this Sister, who desired to ardently know something about the secret sufferings which He endured the night before His death.

This devotion is approved and recommended by His Holiness Clement XII, (1730-1740)

  1. They fastened My feet with a rope and dragged Me over the stepping stones of the staircase, down into a filthy, nauseating cellar.
  2. They took off My clothing and stung My body with iron joints.
  3. They attached a rope around My body and pulled Me on the ground from end to end.
  4. They hanged Me on a wooden piece with a slip knot until I slipped out and fell down. Overwhelmed by this torture, I wept bloody tears.
  5. They tied Me to a post and pierced My body with various arms.
  6. They struck Me with stones and burnt Me with blazing embers and torches.
  7. They pierced Me with awls; sharp spears tore My skin, flesh and arteries out of My body.
  8. They tied Me to a post and made Me stand barefoot on an incandescent metal sheet.
  9. They crowned Me with an iron crown and wrapped My eyes with the dirtiest possible rags.
  10. They made Me sit on a chair covered with sharp pointed nails, causing deep wounds in My body.
  11. They poured on My wounds liquid lead and resin and, after this torture, they pressed Me on the nailed chair so that the nails went deeper and deeper into My flesh.
  12. For shame and affliction, they drove needles into the holes of My uprooted beard. They tied my hands behind My back and led Me walking out of prison with strikes and blows.
  13. They threw Me upon a cross and attached Me so tightly that I could hardly breathe anymore.
  14. They threw at My head as I lay on the earth, and they stepped on Me, hurting My breast. Then, taking a thorn from My crown, they drove it into My tongue.
  15. They poured into My mouth the most immodest excretions, as they uttered the most infamous expressions about Me.

Then, Jesus added,

"My daughter, I desire that you let everybody know the Fifteen Secret Tortures in order that everyone of them be honored."

"Anyone who daily offers Me, with love, one of these sufferings and says with fervor the following prayer, will be rewarded with eternal glory on the day of judgment."

~ P R A Y E R ~

My Lord and My God, it is my unchangeable will to honor you in these Fifteen Secret Torments when You shed Your Precious Blood; as many times as there are grains of sand around the seas, as fruit in the orchards, as leaves on the trees, as flowers in the gardens, as stars in the sky, as angels in Heaven, as creatures on earth. So many thousands of times may you be glorified, praised and honored, O Most love-worthy Lord Jesus Christ - Your Holiest Heart, Your Precious Blood, Your Divine Sacrifice for mankind, the Holiest Sacrament of the altar, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the nine glorious choirs of Angels and the Blessed Phalanx of the Saints, from myself and everyone, now and forever, and in the eternal ages.

In like manner, I desire, my dear Jesus, to give You thanksgiving, to serve you, to repair and atone for all my ignominies, and to offer You my soul and body as Your possession forever. Likewise, I regret all my sins and beg Your pardon, O my Lord and my God. And I offer You all the merits of Jesus Christ to repair everything, to obtain a happy dying-hour and the deliverance of the souls from Purgatory. This prayer I desire to renew at each hour until my death, O lovable Jesus. Sweet Savior, fortify my resolution and permit not that neither wretched men nor Satan destroy it.


There is also another devotion available for us. One that helps us meditate more concretely on
His sufferings:

Private revelation to St. Bridget of Sweden indicated that all the wounds Our Lord suffered added up to 5,480. She began to pray 15 prayers each day in honor of each of these wounds, their total after a year being 5,475. These Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden are still prayed today.

Likewise, in Southern Germany, it became the practice to pray 15 Our Fathers a day in honor of Christ's Wounds so that by the end of a year, 5,475 Paters [or Our Fathers] were prayed.

The five main wounds He suffered, though — the wound in each Foot, the wound in each Hand, and the wound in His side caused by St. Longinus's lance — are symbolic of all the wounds and special devotion to them arose very early on.

St. John the Divine is said to have appeared to Pope Boniface II (d. A.D. 532) and revealed a special Mass — the Golden Mass — in honor of Christ's Five Wounds. It is the effect of these Five Wounds that are most often produced in the bodies of the men and women who imitate the Lord best — the stigmatics. St. Francis was the first of these. Consequentially, his spiritual daughter, St. Clare, developed a strong devotion to the Five Wounds, as did the Benedictine,
St. Gertrude the Great, and others. The Passion Flower

Honor is shown to these Sacred Wounds in many small ways —

  • the 5 grains of incense inserted into the Paschal Candle
  • to the custom of dedicating each Pater [or Our Father] said in the body of the Dominican Rosary to one of the Five Wounds.

They are symbolized in art by the Jerusalem Cross, 5 circles on a Cross, 5 roses, and the 5-pointed star, and they are seen as symbolized by many things in nature — from:

  • the stamens of the Passion Flower (right)
  • the 5 seeds found in the almost perfect 5-pointed star in a cross-sectioned apple
  • to the Sand Dollar.

There are special prayers to honor them, too.

In addition to the The Friends of the Poor Souls blog which provided the Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden, we also have our own—related web site dedicated to the Holy Souls.

Download our free Purgatory Prayer Program (zip file) if you are interested in starting a Purgatory Prayer Program in your neighborhood. Each zip file (in seven different languages) have the basic prayers [in MS Word format] for starting a Purgatory prayer program.

It's a nice way to socialize among Catholic friends on a regular basis. I belonged to a monthly prayer meeting for years.

Hope this helps,


Frank replied:

Hey Mike. Thanks a lot for the reply.

Those were the fifteen (15) pains I was hunting for.

I've been debating with a Jehovah Witness guy who was saying:

  • there is no soul
  • no Heaven for every holy one, but a new earth
  • along with the usual criticism of our devotion to Mary and the Saints.

Generally, I'm not well versed in defending the arguments of Jehovah Witnesses nor dealing with their philosophy or theology, but believe me, this guy is well versed and can crush any petty defense.

I'll be happy if you can find for me the best information for standing up to them.

I have confidence that you can do it. I know that you will do your best not to let me down.

All gratitude,


Mike replied:

Hi, Frank —

On this issue, I think our colleagues over at Catholic Answers may be a better resource.
This is what they have to offer. It's probably great reading:

I've gone through our knowledge base of over 4,800answered questions and pulled out these.
They all have something in them related to the Jehovah Witnesses.

Below is our section on non-Christians Sects and Cult. Note: Jehovah Witnesses are a cult. They are not even Christians because they have not been validly baptized.

Questions about non-Christian Sects and Cults

Finally, I would review my Scripture Passages for defending Catholic teachings page:

I hope this helps a little.


Frank replied:

Hi, Mr Humphrey —

Thanks a lot for the e-mail. I benefited a lot and as there`s quite a lot to read in what you sent me.

Keep in touch and God bless,

AMDG, Ad maiorem Dei gloriam,


Mike replied:

Hi, Frank —

Glad I could be of help.

Side note: You can call me Mike. Like my colleague John has said,

Mr. Humphrey sounds like I should be collecting Social Security : )


Mary commented:

Dear AAC,

  • Why do you post and promote, 15 tortures of Christ, when it was refuted by the Church?
  • By whose authority do you promote this?
  • What authority or credentials do you have?
  • What research has been done to validate what you so carelessly post and promote?


Mike replied:

Dear Mary,

I was asked a question by a visitor:

I`d like to know about the (15) Fifteen Hidden pains of Christ as revealed to St Gertrude.

After some personal research, I found this was private revelation which is never binding on the faithful. This means the faith have the option to believe or not believe in this.

You said:

  • By whose authority do you promote this?
  • What authority or credentials do you have?



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