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Michele Beed wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have something I need to confess to a priest but it's very embarrassing. The priest knows me and my voice is very recognizable.

What should I do?


  { How do I handle shameful sins in Confession where the priest knows me and my voice is known? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Michele —

I think my answer to Monica's posting (below) will answer your question. Remember, the Seal of Confession is absolute. Anything you tell the priest is totally private! . . .

. . . even if you are a nationally-known public figure who appears on T.V. and whose voice is very recognizable. I think the last part of my answer sums things up well:

One big temptation, that can bother many Catholics who go to Confession is being too embarrassed to tell Father, that one.  This line of prideful thinking is usually accompanied by a line of thinking that says:

"Father Larry knows me as a holy, prayerful, practicing Catholic. If I tell him that sin, he will be so disappointed with me."

This is type of prideful thinking can happen to many of us. What is needed is humility.
It's like telling Father Larry,

"I'm going to tell you about my weak legs, weak feet, and sore hands, but I don't want you to know about my broken back and the heart pains I have had."

  • If we don't tell our medical doctor everything that is wrong, he can't mend it.
  • If we don't tell our spiritual doctor everything that is wrong spiritually, he can't mend it.

Through humility and sincerity we destroy the demonic in our lives.

If the priest is a true friend of yours, you should have no shame of any sin you tell him.
Remember, he's a priest . . . he's heard everything!! . . . and probably far worst then what you've done : )


Mary Ann replied:

Michele —

You can always go to any other priest!

If you can't, then swallow your pride, and know that the priest has heard everything, and will love and admire you all the more for your contrition and humility.

Mary Ann

Eric replied:


Simply go to another priest.

You are under no obligation to go to your parish priest for Confession. Find another nearby parish with a priest you don't know, or maybe a local shrine, if you have one.


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