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Bernadette Myers wrote:

Hi, guys —

My sister-in-law, who is a non-denominational Christian, left today for Tlaxiaco, Oaxaco in Mexico to study at a seven-month missionary school for Global Frontier Missions. I have been praying fervently for her conversion to the Catholic faith. (My husband, her brother, is a convert to Catholicism). I have been agonizing over her going to a Catholic country to become a missionary. It seems that the Mixtecs are all ill-catechized and an easy target for Protestant missionaries.

I have been trying to study the Catholic Church and the circumstances in Mexico. (We have given her Patrick Madrid's DVD about the persecutions in Mexico and the faith database so that she will have a better understanding of Catholicism.)

  • How many different sects have broken off from the Catholic Church in Mexico?

I have read about the state-run Catholic church and the Traditionalists.

  • If she desired to seek out a Catholic Church, where would she go in Oaxaco, Mexico?
  • How would she know who was in communion with Rome?

She was very anti-Catholic, but many miracles have happened to her and she became friends with the Little Sisters of the Lamb, O.P. who are friends of ours. They live on Divine Providence and wear habits. She has attended vespers with them 5 times in the last month and attended Mass with us to hear my husband, her brother, sing.

I would like to give her a contact in case she is moved by the Holy Spirit to know more about the Catholic Church.

  • Can you give me a good Catholic Church or someone she could contact while she is in Mexico?

Thank you in advance!


  { Where would she go for a faithful Catholic Church in Mexico and how many sects have broken off? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Bernadette —

If she wants to find a Catholic Church in the Mexico area that is officially part of the Church, Catholic Hierarchy is a good source.

No one can guarantee she will find a faithful Catholic Church. Most are solid, but some, like in America, have had their share of scandalous pastors who do things, they shouldn't.

Catholic Hierarchy @ will give her a starting point from which she can narrow down from the official Catholic Churches in Mexico and find a solid, holy, Catholic Church close to her. Here are web pages that will give her a good starting point:

I couldn't find a list of Catholic Churches on the Archdiocesan web site but they have a phone and mailing address here.

Hope this helps,


Richard replied:

Hi, Bernadette —

I'm not an expert on Mexico, but I'm not aware of any big schisms active there. The traditionalist group SSPX (Society of Saint Pius X) has fewer than 20 chapels in all of Mexico; and —

  • What state-run church is there?

I did find a story about a sect in the town of Turicato, based on claimed messages from the Virgin Mary.

There are also people who carry on some weird devotions: St. Death.

— RC

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