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Richard Herber wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Do you know the name of the place in Israel called, something to the affect of,
    the weeping well?

I had a friend who went on a religious [trip/tour] and this site was part of the tour.

Thank you.


  { Do you know the name of a place in Israel called: the weeping well? }

Eric replied:

Hi, Richard —

We're not really familiar with anything called by that term and it doesn't get any plausible hits on Google.

  • Could you be referring to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, now called the Western Wall?

This is a major tourist site which constitutes the retaining wall which is the last remaining ruin of the Temple of Herod the Great.

People put prayers into its cracks.


Richard replied:


Thank you for the reply. No, it wasn't the wall. I should tell you the story.

A good friend of mine went on a Christian tour to the Middle East several years ago. He said they went to one site on the tour where there was a tomb, building, or cave — I am not sure which, but, Jesus had been to the site.

Anyway, he went inside with the group and he said when he walked in, he saw a woman behind the velvet ropes (which were there to keep visitors away from a fountain or something) near a spring. The woman was on her knees weeping. My friend was puzzled so he went behind the ropes in order to move closer to her. He said all of a sudden he had a vision and he began weeping uncontrollably too.

I think the site had something to do with a spring and mourning Jesus's death.

My friend is well grounded and credible. It was a really powerful story.

  • I was wondering what/where the site is?
  • Would you know?

If you have an idea of what and where this place is, please e-mail me.


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