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Mathibela Sebothoma wrote:

Hi, guys —

My parish priest, who was ordained during Lent in 1999, celebrated his 10th anniversary on a Friday.

  • Was it proper that the Gloria be sung at his anniversary Mass?

The concelebrating priests were wearing white.

  • Is not purple the color worn during Lent?

Some parishioners had a party in his honor after Mass.

  • Can you really have a celebration during Lent?

His dinner had wine and red meat.

  • I thought eating meat on Friday's of Lent was not permissible?


  { Are these actions appropriate when a priest celebrates his anniversary during Lent? }

Mary Ann replied:

Mathibela —

With a dispensation from the bishop, one can eat meat on Friday in Lent.

As for the Gloria and the vestments, those were part of the Liturgy of the Anniversary Mass, not of Lent, so they are appropriate.

I am surprised that he was ordained in Lent, as that is an unusual time.

Mary Ann

John replied:

Mary Ann,

Maybe the anniversary just happens to fall during Lent this year.


Mike replied:

Hi, Mathibela —

In addition to what my two colleagues have said, there are some special days, either feast days or solemnities that fall during Lent. What you have mentioned may well be permitted but like my colleague Mary Ann pointed out, with permission of the local bishop. The two occasions that come to mind are:

  • St. Patrick's day, March 17th
    • in the Boston, Massachusetts area St. Patrick is the patron saint of our diocese, and
  • the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19th
    • the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Hope this helps,


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