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Nicolau wrote:


  • Could you tell me if Alanna and Alison are [saints/patrons] and where I could find biographical information of their lives on the web?

I ask because my god daughter wants to use one of these for her baptismal name.

Thank you very much.

God bless,


  { Could you tell me if Alanna and Alison are Saints and, if so, provide biographical information? }

Mike replied:

Hi Nicolau,

Yes they are. I have a small 40-page booklet on just this issue from Tan Publishers titled:

Is it a Saint's name?

Certain names are derived from others.

Alanna is derived from Alan. One of the more famous Alan's is Blessed Alanus de Rupe also known as Blessed Alan de la Roche. Here's the scoop on him:

Here's another Alan, Alanus, whose feast day is November 25th. Here's the scoop on him:

Although not mentioned exactly, Alison, like Alice and Alisa, is probably a derivative of Adelaide
(St. Adelaide), whose feast day is December 16th. Here's the scoop on her:

Here's also a little something on Patron Saints:

I also found this information on another web site:

Adelaide — (Saxon)
Beautiful princess

Alanna — (Alane) (Celtic)
Comely; fair

Alison — (Teutonic)
Of sacred fame

Hope this helps,


Nicolau replied:

Dear Mike,

Thanks a million for your help.

It's very useful for me.

God bless,


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