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Anne van Tilburg wrote:

Hi Mike,

I have heard a few funny remarks about the Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) wearing red shoes.
I am sure it is not a fashion statement!

  • Could you tell me why he wears red shoes?

Kind regards,


  { Why does Pope Benedict XVI wear red shoes? }

Richard replied:

Hi Anne,

  • Who knows?

It might actually be a fashion statement.

Pope Benedict has revived a number of papal garments and hats that haven't been used in over forty years. He brought back the camauro, a fur-lined cap.

— RC

Fr. Nick replied:

Dear Anne,

There is the theological significance of the color red. Traditionally, red commemorates the blood of martyrdom and is identified with the Holy Spirit. It was also the color the Roman Emperors wore when attending to official state matters.

Benedict has been concerned with using many of the traditional symbols of our great Church history.

While Blessed John Paul II often wore brown shoes, on significant occasions he would wear red.

Fr. Nick

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