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Lori Zielinski wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • How many times in one day may I receive Holy Communion?

I went to 8:00am Mass on Sunday, then went to Confession, Mass again, and joined in the devotion for Divine Mercy at 2:00pm on Sunday so I received Communion twice in the one day.

  • Is that wrong or sinful?

Thanks for your answer in advance.


  { How many times in one day may I receive Holy Communion? }

Mike replied:

Hi Lori,

Thanks for the question.

Catholics may receive the Blessed Sacraments at most, twice a day. Once as a daily communicant and another time on special feast days, like today, the Feast of Divine Mercy, or any other special occasion.

One could also make the argument that it doesn't have to be a special day, but the short and simple answer is:

Twice a day.

Hope this helps,


Eric replied:

Hi Lori,

This is what canon law says:

Canon 917 A person who has received the Most Holy Eucharist may receive it again on the same day only during the celebration of the Eucharist in which the person participates, with due regard for the prescription of canon 921, §2 [which pertains to receiving the Eucharist in danger of death].

921, §2. Even if they have been nourished by holy communion on the same day, however, those in danger of death are strongly urged to receive communion again.

Canon 917

So if you are not in danger of death (in which case there is no limit), you may receive the Eucharist a second time if it is during a Mass in which you are participating, (presumably, you are attending start to finish, excluding Communion services and other administrations of Communion outside of Mass).


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