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Edward Johnson wrote:

Hi guys,

I was having a discussion with my sister who holds a different faith and she said:

God showed a prophet two fruits.

  • What prophet is she referring to?

I don't believe she is talking about a literal fruit, but fruits of the spirit.

  • Could this be Amos?


  { What prophet my sister is referring to when she refers to God showing a prophet two fruits? }

John replied:


  • Are you sure your sister is talking about biblical prophets?
  • When you say she is of a different faith, do you mean to say she is not a Christian,
    or do you actually just mean she is non-Catholic Christian?


Edward replied:

Hi John,

She is Non-Catholic.  She is a Mormon.


John replied:


I will try to put this is politely as possible. Mormons, despite what they say, are not Christians.

They don't believe in the Trinity as orthodox Christianity believes in it. They believe Christ was created and that he is Satan's brother. Therefore the Jesus they profess is not the Jesus of Sacred Scripture. They believe God the Father has a body, and lives on a planet near the Star base Kolob. (No, I'm not making this up.)

They are, for the most part, wonderful people that aspire to wholesome values. They are devout and sincere, however, their theology is sincerely wrong!

You sister was probably talking about one of the Mormon Prophets. Perhaps she was quoting from the book of Mormon.

I hate to use the word cult to describe them, because when we use cult people think of small groups that have an aberrational sociology. In that respect they are not a cult, but theologically speaking, they are an institutional heresy or cult. Their Christology, (Pneumatology, understanding of the Trinity), as well as their soteriology is so far from orthodox Christianity,
be it Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, that they cannot be called Christians despite what they may claim.

That said, I don't mean to impugn the character of Mormons or of the leadership of their congregation. Mormons are probably some of the most charitable, kind, and loving people you'll find. They have a sense of honor and respect which is admirable and I'm sure devout Mormons clearly love God, as they know Him.

They simply are theologically misguided in the extreme.

For Mormons or members of the (LDS) Latter Day Saints who have never heard this they can check out the following references on Wikipedia:

If you are interested in the Catholic reply to Mormon beliefs check out this page.


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