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Mark wrote:


I attended a retreat of sorts a few weeks ago during which there was an hour of Adoration. During the hour of Adoration there were songs sung by several brothers (the Fathers of Mercy) and a Rosary was prayed with several speakers each beginning a decade.

I was taken aback by the fact that the Rosary was recited at Adoration. I have seen people praying the Rosary during Adoration before, but have thought little of it, having never prayed the Rosary in the presence of the Sacrament myself.

  • If the Rosary is a Marian devotion, why is it being brought to the forefront during a sacrament where Christ Himself is physically present?

It would seem to me to be placing emphasis on the wrong person. This is not to say that we should not pray the Rosary (far from it, to which my fellow Knights of Columbus and I can attest) but merely that it has its own place in prayer.

  • Are we are honoring Christ by honoring His mother?

Please help me understand.

Yisep YHWH,


  { Why is a Marian devotion being brought to the forefront to Christ in Adoration? }

Mary Ann replied:

Hi Mark,

As the Gospel of Matthew says,

"They found Him with Mary, His mother." (Matthew 2:11)

We Gentiles find Jesus in the context of Mary. She is His human context. The Jews find Him first in the context of their whole people and its history. We find Him first in the representative of that people, His mother Mary. Simply because we can access that context, like the Magi did, and the other context is something we learn. So praying the Rosary at Adoration is not out of place, especially since it is asking her to pray with us and for us to her Son.

Also, of course, the mysteries of the Rosary are the Mysteries of the life of Christ and its fruits in His Mother, the first disciple. Finally, of course, the Hail Mary and Our Father are both Scriptural prayers, and the Scripture is the Word of God. Christ is the Word Himself, of whom Scripture speaks.

So, while we should not fill our time at Adoration with repetitive mindless chattering of prayers,
it is good to meditate the mysteries while praying the prayers of the Rosary.

I have noticed that many in charge of public Holy Hours seem to want to fill the hour with noise. The Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, litanies, guided meditations, on and on and on. Not a minute of silence.

Singing and oral prayer and listening to guided meditation can all be Adoration, but we should also have time to silently adore and listen. To me, it is rude to talk all the time to a guest. One should mostly listen, even if just to be polite!

Mary Ann

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