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Leon Kutz wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am having difficulty in my life (with my family) in regard to over spending habits which I am trying to correct by seeing a therapist.

I have attended a couple of meetings at a local Church of Christ location.

I do not know if I am doing the right thing in lieu of my strong Catholic faith and my desire to learn more about my faith by continuing to view of EWTN TV and listen to EWTN radio.

  • Should I be concerned that these meetings are scheduled at non-Catholic meeting places, and
  • Is there anything wrong with my desire to learn more about my faith by continuing to view of EWTN TV and listen to EWTN radio.


  { Should I be concerned that these recovering meetings are scheduled at non-Catholic locations? }

Mike replied:

Hi Leon,

Thanks for the question.

If the recovery meetings at the Church of Christ are centered only on recovery and not dealing with issues of doctrine or faith, I see no problem with them. If the meetings themselves are being used to draw you to a different set of teachings, beliefs, and practices then the Church would have problems with that and would not recommend you go to them any more.

More then the recovery meetings, I would recommend a good Catholic spiritual director — a priest. If you have one locally who is loyal to the Magisterium and Holy Father, that would be ideal.

I would also recommend striving to get to daily Mass, in a state of grace, of course, and going to Confession regularly.

The divine power behind the sacraments will help you out of your bad spending habits and aid you in being a good steward of any money the Lord has sent your way.

P.S. Keep watching and listening to EWTN TV and Radio. I do :)

Hope this helps,


Mary Ann replied:

Hi Leon,

The via media, (a Latin phrase meaning the middle road), is the rule in Catholic moral life: Moderation in all things. If your EWTN habit contributes to overspending and if it interferes with the carrying out of the duties of your state in life, it must be controlled or eliminated. We know the basic will of God through:

  • the commandments
  • the laws of the Church, and
  • the duties of our state in life.

By this I mean that they are the minimum — not following them is a sin. Seeking recovery through a secular program is not bad at all. There is good in medicine and psychology.

Just as a guide: If something is causing problems between you and other people, charity would dictate that you at least consider that you should change. It doesn't matter if the practice is inherently good.

The spiritual tradition of the Church has always said that even our prayers and devotions should not become a burden to others, insofar as possible to avoid it. I hope you have success in finding balance.

Prudence is the virtue that controls all virtues, in the sense that it is the virtue which should guide the practice of all the other virtues. So pray for prudence!

Hope this helps,

Mary Ann

Mary Ann followed-up:

Sorry Leon,

I missed the Church of Christ part. It may or may not be OK.

The Church of Christ proselytizes, of course, and this recovery program may or may not be a means. If you find that it is, then leave it.

If it is a secular program, then ask the central office about another secular location, or try to get one at your [parish/Church].

Mary Ann

John replied:


If this is the Church of Christ that was an off shoot of the Boston Church of Christ founded by
Kip McKean, then it's a cult.


Leon replied:

Hi, guys —

I am responding to Mary Ann's concern that EWTN may be contributing to my overspending habits. Actually, EWTN has help me to gain control of many problems in my life. It is not hindering me, but helping me. I love and pray for each one involved with EWTN.

If you have knowledge of anyone in the Scranton, Pennsylvania diocese that I can talk with, please advise me.

I will no longer attend meetings at the Church of Christ, since they do not believe our doctrine.

Thank you,


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