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Pat wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • How does the Catholic Church view Evangelistic preachers like Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen?


  { How does the Catholic Church view Evangelistic preachers like Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen? }

John replied:

Hi Pat,

Like most Evangelicals, they want to lead people to Christ, however these particular preachers belong to the word of faith movement which is chock full of heresies including some serious Christological ones.

They also border on worshiping faith, in and of itself, over God who should be the object of our faith. They essentially believe that if you can find the Scripture to back up what you want for yourself, then you keep speaking that word in faith until you receive it.

It's often called the prosperity gospel, or name and claim it.

There is undue emphasis on material possessions and prosperity.

John DiMascio

Kevin Terry, a convert to the faith replied:


I wouldn't use words like chock full of heresies. Even though it is true, there is a way to share the truth, without watering it down, and without totally offending someone.

I would just let them know that they are our separated brethren: our brothers and sisters in Christ, however, many of their teachings are not in agreement with Catholic doctrine — then share some of the major ones with them, (like the prosperity gospel, etc.)

If you were sharing the Catholic faith with a Muslim, you wouldn't want to start out by calling Muhammad a liar, or by saying that the Sunni Muslim's faith was full of lies. You would simply share the truth with them, and show them how their faith isn't in line with the truth, all the while doing this with love and compassion.

Having grown up in the Deep South (Alabama and Kentucky), I can tell you, that to many [Protestants/Evangelicals] see a person like Billy Graham or Joel Osteen just like their Pope, or their Muhammad.

I am just as bad as anyone. Often I find myself sharing the faith just to prove a point, or to win an argument, and that is just wrong. I have vowed to change the way that I share the faith with others. From now on, I am going to make sure that I share the truth, without watering it down, while doing so with love and compassion.

For some people, the truth is going to offend them, no matter how it is presented, but from this point forward, I don't want anyone being able to accuse me of not sharing the Catholic faith with love and mercy.

I hope this makes sense. This is just my opinion, so you can't take it for what it is worth.


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