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Christine Connel wrote:

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am a practicing Catholic woman living in America with a grown family, and I would like to know what you think of the Words From Jesus web site.

  • Is this legitimate information?

Christine Connel

  { Is the information on the Words from Jesus web site legitimate? }

Eric replied:

Hi Christine,

I cannot recommend this web site to you, until such point as they reveal who Jennifer's local ordinary is. (Feel free to ask them to do so.) It is the bishop who makes the determination whether the messages are conformant with the Catholic Faith or not, and if you don't know who the bishop is, you cannot independently determine whether the messages are OK.

Yes, it is true that she says the bishop is monitoring her writings and has no objections, but frankly, you cannot trust a person to accurately report to you what the authority over them says about them. You must be able to independently verify with the bishop that he is monitoring these messages and has as yet no objection.

From what I read on the home page and in terms of its content, it all sounds well and good. Generally, I am very careful about apocalyptic messages and so forth. My advice is, always live as if Jesus were coming today.

That is to say, may your heart and soul always be prepared for the coming of Jesus, for indeed,
as we know, when we die, that is Jesus' "Second Coming" for us, and we can die at any moment.

If these messages spur you to repent and reform your life to be more in conformance with the Gospel, then that is good. If on the other hand, they are inspiring terror, or even if they are inspiring an unhealthy preoccupation with end times scenarios, then that is not good.

Hope this helps!

Eric Ewanco

Mike replied:

Hi Christine,

I would like to add one other thing to what my colleague Eric has said. If you can't tell whether a web site is faithful to the Church or not, I would recommend checking out:

For those who ask, they will perform a web site evaluation and provide an overview or purpose of the site along with three main categories:

  • Fidelity (to the Church)
  • Resources
  • Usability


  • use the drop down menu at the top of the home page
  • go to Site Reviews
  • type the domain you are concerned about, and
  • click Search.

Sometimes you'll find a write up, other times you won't. If you don't, I would be cautious of the material on that site.


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