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Tammy Kelly wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • I am wondering if you know whether the Vatican has a Personnel Office of sorts?

I translated their Labor Office page using Google, and it appears to be our equivalent to OSHA, not our equivalent to the OPM (Office of Personnel and Management)!

I would love to work in the Vatican. I'd even be willing to clean toilets there, if it meant I could live and work in the Eternal City!

"Better to be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than dwell in the tents of the wicked."

If you have any information on where I could find out about job openings there, I'd sure appreciate it.

In Christ,

Tammy Kelly

  { What do I have to do to work in the Vatican and where can I find out about job openings there? }

John replied:

Hi, Tammy —

I'd like to clarify a couple of things first. The Vatican State is indeed a sovereign country, but it doesn't have an airport and it is land locked. To get to the Vatican or to mail anything to the Vatican, you need to go through Italy, or at the very least. you have to use Italian air space and land in the Vatican using a helicopter. Either that or you could parachute in, but I wouldn't jump from higher than 5,000 feet or you might land in Tiber River, the Gianicolo Gardens, or Piazza Venezia!

That said, it's probably not a bad idea to include Italy on the label, because the mail is going to have to be processed at Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino to the natives), several miles west of Rome, and then sent to the Vatican.

You said:
I'd even be willing to clean toilets there, if it meant I could live and work in the Eternal City!

The Eternal City is Rome, not the Vatican. Rome is the sovereign capital of the Italian Republic unified in the name of His Royal Majesty Victor Emanuel I of the House of Savoy in 1870, as a result of a brilliant military strategy employed by Giuseppe Garibaldi, whose statue can be found in the Gianicolo Gardens which lay just east—northeast of the St. Peter's Basilica.


Richard replied:

Hi, Tammy —

No clue here, but if you were to write to the Labor Office, they could probably tell you whom to contact.

They might even be able to inform you on how to find out about employment at the Vatican.

— RC

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