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Joanne wrote:

Hi, Mike —

I am a Roman Catholic and I live in Canada.

  • Would you know of any bishop who has appointed priests as exorcists who could help me?

For privacy reasons, I would rather not explain my situation to you. Sorry, but I really need to find someone who can help and someone who would take me seriously.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



  { Would you know of any bishop who has appointed priests as exorcists who could help me? }

Mike replied:

Hi Joanne,

I wish I could help, but can't. I do know that about ninety percent plus of so-called "demonic possessions", end up being medical or psychiatric in nature, but I do not want to rule out a possible case you may have.

Maybe one of my colleagues can assist you.


Fr. Francis replied:

Dear Joanne,

You need to seek out an "orthodox" priest. (one who believes and teaches all that the Church teaches.) Just so you know, we are all trained to look for more obvious and immediate causes of phenomena, etc. Don't be put off, if he does not automatically buy your story, hook, line and sinker. Nonetheless, an orthodox Catholic priest does believe and know that the demonic exists, and that Christ Our Lord has conquered Satan through His Death, Resurrection and Ascension.

If the priest sees fit, and it is necessary, he will take it eventually to the bishop who after an in depth investigation including psychiatrists, etc., will then send the appointed exorcist or appoint one for this need.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to, of course, come to Christ in the Sacraments of Eucharist and Penance. Avail yourself of holy water and blessed salt, and also learn the Saint Michael Prayer, which can be easily found in Catholic prayer books.

I cannot stress enough to work through your local church, parishes and diocese. In the meantime, you will be in my prayers.

Father Francis

Mary Ann replied:


You could contact your local chancery to find out who the diocesan exorcist is — a diocese is supposed to have one, but it has fallen out of use in some areas. You could also contact either:

  • the Roman or national, or
  • local Charismatic Renewal [Committee or board],

and ask for a deliverance minister. Deliverance is often more called for than formal exorcism, even in cases of illness, as spirits can attach to any weakness to exploit it. My advice is not to worry; be patient and offer everything to the Lord, invoking His name.

Trust in God,

Mary Ann

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