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Bernadette Lloyd wrote:

Hi Mike,

I visited the CPATS.ORG web site and found it very interesting and informative. I am a cradle Catholic who recently discovered the Catholic faith again at age 38.

With this new entry into my faith, I have found out I am a traditional or authentic Catholic.
I didn't know there was such a distinction before today.

With the new discovery of prayers, Rosaries, Eucharistic Adoration, Masses, and novenas, I have been very open to listening to Jesus. I do not put myself on the level as saints and other visionaries, but we do have conversations.

My question is:

  • How do I start a blog, or become a blogger so that I can share some of my personal religious hardships and how Jesus brought me through the storm?

I need something free that will be hosted by an authentic Catholic web site, such as yours.

I am a stay-at-home mother, and I am hoping my writings might help other mothers or fathers, who have made the choice to stay at home and take care of their families.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Bernadette Lloyd

  { How do I start a blog so I can share some personal hardships and how Jesus has helped me? }

Mike replied:

Hi, Bernadette —

You said:
With this new entry into my faith, I have found out I am a traditional or authentic Catholic. I didn't know there was such a distinction before today.

Used in the correct sense, all Catholics are traditional Catholics, in that we hold fast to the teachings (both in oral and written form) that have come from Christ through His Church since
33 A.D. We refer to these forms of teaching as Tradition, with an uppercase t, to be distinguished from our traditions, with a lowercase t, also known as disciplines or practices.

For an example of the former, the Church has two liturgical rites for celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: the Ordo, or Novus Ordo Mass, and the Tridentine, or Latin Mass. Some, incorrectly, say they are traditional Catholics because they attend only the Tridentine Mass.

This gives the impression that other Catholics are not traditional Catholics, seeing that in America most people attend the Ordo, or Novus Ordo Mass.

The point I'm trying to make is:

  • the word, traditional, can be misunderstood, and
  • the Tridentine Mass or Mass in the Extraordinary form is just as valid is the Novus Ordo Mass. To say otherwise, would be to claim the Holy Father is not protected against teaching on the primary issue of faith and morals, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Thanks for e-mailing and come back often.


Richard replied:

Hi, Bernadette —

Try out the service, Blogger. It's owned by Google and is free! It will let you create and operate a blog. You can use Blogger's web site to enter the text of your messages, and it will format it into HTML automatically.

I also operate an e-mail discussion group for Catholic mothers. A mom in Kansas founded it a few years ago, and I've been doing the computer work for it. There's information at:

Maria Compton-Hernandez is the listowner, and her page about the list can be found here:

There are some great Catholic blogs out there too; if you haven't discovered them yet, search for "St. Blog's Parish" and you'll find lists of them. A few of them are on a server I run at:

and those will have links to others, and so on.

— RC

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