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Jeff Merck wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am interested in the Shroud of Turin. I am particularly interested in the official position of the Catholic Church as to it authenticity.

  • Can you provide any information or do you know of any web sites that may have some information?


Jeff Merck

  { What is the official position of the Catholic Church on the Shroud of Turin? }

Bob replied:


While the Church does not officially offer a position on its authenticity, it has been venerated by many Popes including the current one.

There is much debate over the authenticity in the scientific community, but the overwhelming evidence points to it being authentic. Most scientists who have studied the Shroud directly will admit that science has no explanation for it, even the carbon dating results have been subject to great rethinking.

For the best source on the shroud try There you will find countless articles on scientific studies, etc.


Bob K.

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